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Sindhudurga Tour

Yewa, Konkan aaplach aasa. Malvnat chala Malvani mansa wangda.

Sindhudurga Sindhudurga Sindhudurga Sindhudurga Sindhudurga Sindhudurga Sindhudurga Sindhudurga Sindhudurga Sindhudurga

The Sindhudurg is haven on the earth. The Land of Culture and Natural beauty, Sindhudurg is famous for its natural beauty like Beaches, Backwater, Waterfalls and Pilgrimage centers. The major attraction here is the long and narrow stretch of beaches. On a clear day, you can see the sea-bed through a depth of 20 ft. Then of course, there are the forts, Sindhudurg one of Maharashtra's more popular and important sea forts built in the 17th century and the famous Padmagarh fort. The name of the fort is given to the Sindhudurg district. Tourist from all over the world visit through out the year to see this Maratha glory.

Sindhudurg is in the Kokan area of Maharastra having picturesque stretch of land on the west cost of India, endowed with the beautiful seashore, picturesque Mountains and scenic natural beauty and known for tropical fruits like the world famous Alphonso mangoes, cashews, Jamuns etc.

At Sindhudurg verity of beaches are here. Evening is a magical time on these beaches. As the sun nears the horizon, the beach will bath in a golden glow. The scenic drive along the coastline is blessed with sheer beauty. The coastal strip of land is surrounded by the Sahyadri Mountains on the east the Arabian Sea on the west.

Following beaches are very famous in Sindhudurga :

Tarkarli Beach, Devbaug Beach, Chivla Beach, Tondavali Beach, Achara Beach, Shiroda Beach, Velagar Beach, Nivati Beach, Bhogwe beach, Bagavat Beach, Kunkeshwar Beach, Mithbav beach, Katwan beach, Kunkeshwar beach, Mithamubari bech, Vijaydurga beach.

A long stretch of silver sands, cool sea breeze whispering through towering Conjuring plantations on the beach, Fishermen seen launching their traditional boats and nets daily into the sea is an interesting feature to watch on this beach Get thrilling Experience of Water Scooter Scuba Diving & Snorkeling. Be cautious while entering the sea for swimming. Some were a paradise for swimmers and dolphin watchers. Dolphin season is between October and February. It is quite popular during season time. Beach lures to the tourists by its stunning white sand and beautiful blue water lagoon, thus an idealist spot for swimming, sunbathing and pick nicking. Flocks of local sea birds add to the beauty of serene surroundings by playing with the sea waters.

Malvan :

Sindhudurga fort is just 1 Km away from Malvan jetty. The coastal region saw hectic activities around 1600 AD. The British as well as Portuguese persist in their intimidator tactics. To reign in their forces and to keep Them Sawant under control , Shivaji came to Malvan via Nerur par. He realized that the best way to keep the trouble & make in check to enemy, they had to fortify the defense of the coastal region. During the visit to Malvan, he came across a small Island called ‘Kurte’. Shivaji was highly impressed by the sight as thought of constructing a fort there. The works on the project start on 25th Nov 1664. Shri Bharadi Devi Aanganewadi is very famous Ttemple, also Shri Rameshwar Temple, Sateri Devi jal Mandir, Adari Ganesh Mandir, Ozer Shri Brahmanand swami Samadhi is famous around Malvan.

Kunkeshwar :

Famous temple, dedicated to lord Siva. The temple was built in the year 1100 by the yadava rulers. A classic example of Konkani sculpture and architectur, this enchanting pilgrimage center is also known as ‘Dakshin Kashi. Presence of Arabian Sea in the backdrop attributes a special charm to the serene atmosphere of this temple. Mahasivarathri an important festival of Lord Siva is celebrated here with great pomp and splendor. Lakhs of devotees gather here to attend the three days fair conducted in connection with the festival.

Devgad Fort :

A historical monument, of vital importance, Devgad Fort is located at Devgad in Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra. Devgad town got its name from this legendary fort. It is amazing to see that this centuries old fort has overcome the ravages of time. The walls and the structures of this fort are still intact and in good condition. Bounded by evergreen mangroves this fortified monument looks pretty good and make oneself to feel proud about the rich cultural heritage.

Vijaydurg :

Vijaydurg Fort, also known as Victory Fort, is one of the many historically important sites in Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra. A historic place with serene, coastal beauty, Vijaya durg fort testifies the martial supremacy of the Marathas during the reign of Sivaji. Numerous towers, the triple line of huge walls, and the spacious interior buildings of this impressive monument are added by Sivaji. Bounded by the Arabian Sea from three sides, this amazing structure covers an area of six hectares. Rameswar temple and another shrine dedicated to Sivaji are the prime attractions inside the fort. This fabulous structure is a clear proof to the architectural excellence of the ancient civilization, which certainly makes any visitor to be proud of the glorious past.

Sawantwadi :

Sawantwadi is situated on the southernmost point of Sindhudurg on Maharashtra Coast. It is popular known as the entry point to Goa. This colorful and elite heritage city is famous for Jagannathrao Bhosale Garden and 'Shilpa Gram', a craft village offering numerous beautiful crafts items. Other attractions here include Sawantwadi's Palace, a simple looking Palace constructed in chire (red laterite) with ivy growing up the sides, surrounded by towering palm trees. Moti Talao, the pearl-lake formed like an open oyster under the sun. Sawantwadi town situated at the periphery of Moti talav is an unique example of peripheral city of India.

Amboli Hill Station :

Amboli si Kashmir of Konkan. Amboli is a hill station near Sawantwadi . It is quite but pleasant hill resort. It is 690 mtrs above sea level. The area is surrounded with dense forest and sea view point offers you panoramic view of a good part of konkan coast. It is 26 k.m far from Sawantwadi. There is a big Marvelous Water-fall (30 Mtrs Hight) 1.5 K.m. away from Amboli. Most of the young lot take bathe under pouring water. In summer, weather condition is pleasant and cool.

Redi Ganapati ( Redi Village ) :

This place is situated at south west to sawantwadi. Some years back this place was known for bauxite and others ores of aluminium but today mining is hampered and it is dominated by Usha Ispat Company.Redi is gifted with Arabian sea to its west and it has got ancient history of Lord Ganesha. Round about 18 years back a local person named Sadashiv Kambli visualised the sclupture of Lord Ganesha in his dreams for this he persuade it for long period and with help of Local workers he dug out the sclupture of Ganesha from sea shore. Today after survey it is now clear that this was made by Panadavas during their rule the sclupture is about 6 feet in height and 4 feets in breadth whole thing was readily found in one single piece.

Food Special

*The West coast of Maharashtra is famous for coconuts, mangoes, cashews, and rice. The region also grows a great quantity of kokum, a sweet-sour fruit. Fish is available in vast varieties and seafood is in abundant supply.
*Sol-kadhi- A tangy smooth appetizer made by kokum, coconut and chilly.
*Kelyache Panchamrut - A sweetish medley of bananas.
*Tisrya-che Kalvan - Clams in thick spicy masala.
*Modak- Especially ensure that you try Lord Ganesha's favourite Bangadyachi Chatni : Its a paste made by dry "Bangada" fish and green chilly along with flavors of other spicy items like coriander, salt, ginger etc.
*Vade Sagoti : Its one of the famous food item in the district, specially prepared when guests comes to home.

Folk Arts


In indian mythology the ten incarnations of lord Vishnu is collectively known as Dashavatar. To preserve the universe from destruction Vishnu took ten defferent froms (Avatar) from time to time. They are Matsya (Fish) Katchha (Turtle)Varaha (Boar)Narsimha) (half man half Lion), Waman (A brahman boy),Purshuram , rama, Krishna, Budhha & kalanki. In Sindhudurg Dashavatar is Most popular artform. Dance ritual dramas are held in most of the temples during festive occassions.

District Profile

Sindhudurg district is spread over an area of around 5,207 sq.kms. The population of the District is 8,68,825 as per census of 2001. The modern township of Sindhudurg Nagari is the headquarters of Sindhudurg district . The district is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on the east, the Belgaum District (Karnataka state) and Goa on the South and the Ratnagiri district on the North. Sindhudurg being a coastal district, the climate is generally moist and humid and the temperature variations during the day and throughout the seasons are not large.

Climate & Rainfall :

Climate :-Min.Temp - 16.3 Celsius
Max.Temp -33.8 Celsius

Rainfall :-3,287mm ( Average ) Sindhudurg witnesses rain for full four months June, July, August and September